How to Play Online Poker Safely In Indonesia

By Rednef
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Aug 24th, 2018
1142 Views to Play Online Poker Safely In Indonesia. Poker is strictly prohibited in Indonesia. The fines and punishments for playing poker are incredibly high. This has not impacted the rise of online poker in Indonesia though. The number of Indonesian poker players has been increasing rapidly of late. Indonesian online poker agents like agen poker terbaik have been thriving quite well over the years. There are specific rules and tricks smart Indonesian poker players use to play the game without getting caught.


Use a Proxy Server

If you are a real poker fan who cannot live without playing poker but does not want to risk getting caught playing poker in Indonesia, you should consider using a proxy server. There are thousands of Indonesian poker sites and other international sites that can be easily accessed with the right server proxy. All you need is to get the right proxy server, and you will be good to go. It’s highly recommended that you look for sites that accept players from Indonesia as this will save you a great deal in the long run.

Use Underground Casinos

There are several internet cafes in Indonesia based underground that allow players to access and play poker online.  These cafes are a bit safe considering most of them use proxy servers and are hard to trace. Likewise, all your activities will be left in their computers, so you aren’t at risk of being recognized.  The only problem with these cafes is that they sometimes can be raided by the police.

Use a Smartphone

Smartphone IP addresses are extremely hard to recognize. Only more advanced smartphones generate recognizable IP addresses. This means, playing online poker directly from your smartphone makes it tricky for those mandated with the job of tracking Indonesian players who play poker online to recognize your identity.  It is always recommended that you look for international poker sites that accept Indonesian natives to download full tilt poker and play whenever they feel like. These sites aren’t under the Indonesian jurisdiction so they won’t be fined or arrested for allowing you play the game. They can as well not be forced to reveal the identity of their members which means you are not at risk of getting fined. You can as well choose to play the game directly from your computer or smartphone via agents like  Score88poker has been around for quite long so you don’t need to worry about getting conned or your identity getting revealed to the third parties or the government.

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